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Good Evening Respected Principal, members of staff, honoured guests and the graduating class of 2013.

Graduation is such an auspicious day in the lives of students, which leaves its impact for all the times to come. I see smile and happiness on the faces of graduates. Congratulations on your great achievement.

Time flies so fast, that the last 14 years appear to have passed in just 14 days.
In the past 14 years, we have learnt a lot from our teachers. They taught us the value of life and motivated us to recognize our potentials. Furthermore, they guided us how to achieve those potentials in life. I would say it is the teacher who builds the nation. If we students are the kings, then our teachers are the king-makers.

Let me tell you a story. Once, a blind man wanted to cross the road, but due to his blindness he was not in a position to cross the road. A person standing nearby was watching the helpless blind man. He came to the blind man, held his hand and helped him in crossing the road. Similarly, we all students are blind when we come to seek education. It is our ‘teachers’ who help us in opening the doors of our wisdom. I, on behalf of the graduates, want to express sincere thanks to the teachers of Hill Blooms,who gave us enlightenment and turned us from lead to Gold.

Today, the end of our journey of 14 years at Hill Blooms is a mixture of joy and sorrow.The joy is we are going to universities and colleges for our higher education. The joy is we are going to meet new people and make new friends, like making a new nest in a new place. Yes, we are going to leave Hill Blooms very soon. It will be a sorrow, when we’ll depart from our teachers and friends of  Hill Blooms.

Listening to the lectures of teachers, laughing with friends, lunch time conversations shall always remain as unforgettable moments in our life.
Dear friends, we can proudly say, that the bright future is coming ahead for all of us. It is holding many opportunities for us, but there is a need to grab it and that is only possible, if we have devotion and dedication.

Friends, life is not only a bed of roses, but it’s also a bed of thorns, but it doesn’t mean that we should give up when we face thorns,and obstacles. Since life is a challenge, we must accept this challenge and face it bravely.
We should not let the problems dominate us and shatter us; rather we should face these problems and come out as champions.

Once again, I on behalf of the graduates express my utmost thanks to the teachers, who enlightened us and prepared us to move ahead. I would also
like to thank our parents for supporting us throughout the journey and I wish all my friends a great future .

Thank You.

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