Dirt 2 black screen problem fixed and working

I combined some methods to run the game Dirt 2 successfully without the black screen error.I know many guys faced this problem(only audio no visual).So just follow these steps to easily play the game.

1)Update your computer graphics driver.
    Go to desktop>right click on my computer>click manage>device manager>double click display  
    adapters>right click on your graphic card and click update automatically.
     This will update your graphic driver automatically.Restart is required after installation

2)Now install the game.If you have installed it earlier skip this step.

3)Now download the crack+patch for dirt 2 from here: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5196329
   The comments below this download will be "it doesn't work" etc. but don't care cause it works.

4)After download run/install the patch for dirt 2.

5)Now copy the files from the crack.rar file to your game location there by replacing the exe.The rar will have a    
    file named FAH (This file is not important you can delete it)

So now you have updated the graphics driver,installed the game,installed the patch and cracked the game.

Now enjoy the game!

It worked for my laptop which has
256 MB Intel HD graphics
Intel pentium 4 processor.

So try it.If it works let me know!   I will post a detailed video in youtube if it works!

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