Cheapest and the best 3D projector from Acer-Acer X1261 3D

We all know that 3D TV's are a bit expensive these days and if we pay almost Rs 50,000 to 60,000 we get a 32" 3D TV.This problem is solved as Acer has it's 3D projector which is very cheap.
Acer's X1261 3D has been rated the best and the cheapest 3D projector.


nvidia 3D technology
3D Ready
Monitor out
Can be connected to laptops
Big screen movie experience
Resolution: 1024x720 (can be converted to 1080P)
2D to 3D instant conversion
Audio out,Video out
HDMI support
Class leading keystone and zoom correction
2.2 Kg light weight projector
Easy to carry
Cheapest 3D available
Best for home use,business or gaming

Price in India: Rs 3,4001/-

For experiencing 3D you must buy 3D glasses which are not included with the projector.But anyhow nothing is cheaper than this. 3D glasses may have a price of Rs 4000-6000.

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