New Swift price in india

It has a 1.2L engine in petrol model and turbo 1.3L engine in petrol model.It can reach a speed from 0-100 in just 10 second and this shows the power of this wonderful hatch and it has a maximum speed of 160Km/h.
-ABS with EBD- For the best  braking.
-Dual front air bag-Keeps you safe from accidents
Maruti Swift 2011 Interior.
-Automatic climate control-It  adjusts automatically(AC-on/off,Air intake-on/off,Fan Speed-on/off)
-Electromagnetic boot opener-Keep your hands free.
-Driver seat adjuster.
-Rear wiper.
new-swift colors

Price in India:

  • Maruti Swift LDI – Rs. 4,68,524/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI – Rs. 5,02,161/-
  • Maruti Swift VDI with ABS – Rs. 5,20,433/-


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    Maruthi is using foolish strategies, u cant make fuel tanks plastic and one fine day after many accidents, recall thousands of models and replace their tanks. Maruti needs some wise thinking.. they had been part of Raj where there was no compitition, they are still behaving as if they belong to the same era..slight change is lamp and colour shade and they declare it an all new long can you make people belive that.. see ur dominance from 70% market share to 45% now..and u still say we sold 5 cars more than last year same month , while ur competitors sale 200% more, u have same engine in 5 models..and all 4-5 models compete in the same category, c'mon come up with some good innovations, else u would keep on losing.

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    I dont like the new swift on the road.
    It gives a stretched look in the back whatever cars come next for me the best hatch back is the hyundai i20. The sunroof edition is cooler.

    here is my i20 with sunroof

    To see photos see this

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