Fluidiv verna price in india

Hyundai 2011 New Verna 1.4 Petrol Review and ImagesThe new Verna is born.The most amazing thing about the new Verna is that it is widely different from the old Verna.It has an even better sporty look.Even the features are different.Some features are new to the company.Like the key and the start and stop button.It also comes with a sunroof.The speedometer is specially designed for a clear visibility and the other new feature is the reverse camera which is very good and useful with the grids on it and the rear view mirror adjusts the light automatically.The fog lamps and head lights are having a very futuristic look.The car is actually a good one.It is available in different engine options for choosing.There is a 1.4 petrol  engine with 5 speed manual gear and 1.6and the other one is the 1.4 and 1.6 diesel engine model with both 6 speed manual and 4 speed automatic.The car has improved in the softness of traveling.It has a smooth rear suspension and a very light steering with bluetooth connectivity.So go for the new Fluidic vVerna.I would buy the 1.6 diesel 6 speed manual engine model.With a great power.

Rs 6.99 lakhs to 1.90 lakhs

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