Nokia concept phone

You don't have to carry it in your pocket or on your wrist. You can carry it anywhere, inanyform. You can change its form like roll, band and put on your clothes like a U-pin or clip shown above. When you want to talk on the phone, the body form of phone turns in to the form of the local old telephone. Also you can choose its forms which is fits to you. If you want to talk as normal telephone, you have to talk also in telephone shape. If we look this phone from functionality side, Nokia 888 is the most flexible phone.

Technology Used in Nokia 888 Mobile

  • Liquid Battery
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Flexible Touch Screen
  • Speech Recognition technology

Main Features in Nokia 888

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. PDA
  3. GPS
  4. Phone
  5. Push email Receiver
  6. Digital Wallet
To see video click here.
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